Supper Club in Bangkok

Welcome to the Mango Ginger Supper Club, a new way to dine in Bangkok. Welcome to my home.

The Mango Ginger supper club table
Every month, a handful of Bangkokians are invited over for a set menu of Mango Ginger’s best -  delicious Asian Fusion food. In the UK where I come from, attending a Supper Club dinner is just about the trendiest thing you can do of an evening. The movement is yet to take off in Bangkok and I’m happy give it a helping hand!

Supper clubs also go by the name of pop-up or underground restaurants. They are half dinner party, half restaurant experience, taking the best bits of both. The food is made with more love and care than at most dinner parties, and your hostess promises not to get drunk and burn it (at least not before dessert). There’s no menu for you to agonise over – a delicious spread has already been designed for you. You can take your time over your meal, with no bad service, pushy table turning or hidden costs. You will dine in an intimate and sociable atmosphere with other people in search of good food and adventure.

The format is simple - you arrive, have a welcome drink and amuse bouche at the bar (yes, there's a bar!), then take your seats and I'll serve you three courses. I won't eat with you because I want to concentrate on serving the best food I can. But there'll be plenty of time to chat to you all between courses and as soon as dessert is out, I'll join the fun! The food is a combination of individual plates and Thai-style sharing. Please bring your own wine, beer, spirits or soft drinks to have with dinner - there is a supermarket and a wine shop very close by. Please do bring plenty to drink in case you stay late (as most guests tend to). You can always take it home with you if you don't finish.

People who come to my supper clubs are awesome. They are great company and know how to have fun. They stay until well after the last dish has been cleared and leave having made new friends.

Back in the UK the supper club movement is spearheaded by Kerstin Rogers, aka Ms Marmite. Here is her advice to Supper Club guests - please do read this before you come.

So, Why Supper Club? Because it’s a chance to experience interesting, great, home-cooked food. Because you will meet new people and your future husband/best friend/drinking buddy/business partner could be sat around that table too. Because it’s fun to get a peek into other people’s homes and lives. Because it’s something different. Because…why not?

I look forward to welcoming you over! Here are the menus:

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