The Mango Ginger Philosophy

Bringing a feast from the East into your home is much easier than you think. If you enjoy pushing your culinary horizons, but don’t want to lose a whole weekend to sourcing and preparing the ingredients, then Mango Ginger is for you.

Mango Ginger is full of adventurous, unpretentious, easy to follow recipes for both every day cooking and entertaining. The techniques are simple; the ingredients available in your local supermarket; you won't need specialist equipment; and almost all of the dishes can be made from start to serving within a couple of hours.

The recipes are inspired by traditional Asian cooking, adapted for a Western kitchen. This isn’t about recreating authentic Asian dishes, but being free to cook without borders. There is a playful fusion between Asian and Western cuisines that makes cooking and eating these dishes fun...which is what food should be all about.


  1. Hello, lovely recipes and a bit of escapism, especially on a cold, wet miserable day in the UK x

    1. Thank you! Sending some hot Bangkok sunshine your way :-)